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GameMix is your one-stop spot to play games instantly on your smartphone, tablet, and computer. Play games without any download or install hassles.

Smart Discovery

Finding great games can be difficult. That’s why we’ve carefully developed a game recommendation engine to better serve you games. Spend your time playing great games, not looking for them.

Challenge Friends

What’s more fun than playing games instantly on any device for free? Playing with friends and challenging opponents. Get your game on!

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"HTML5 games need platforms like GameMix."

– Begoña Esteban, Ludado

"Free games. No downloads. Awesome!"

– Josh H.


– Lauren M.

The Founders

Ivar Chan

Co-founder, CEO

Andrew Cheek

Co-founder, Biz Dev

Brian Paguyo

Co-founder, Developer

Rémi Vansteelandt


Angela Chen


Our Investors

Creator of over 75 companies since 1996, including GoTo/Overture, CitySearch, eToys, Picasa, NetZero and eSolar.

Karlin Ventures is an early-stage venture capital fund based in Los Angeles.

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