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HTML5 Game Developer Spotlight – Ryan Davis

Welcome to the first installment of GameMix HTML5 game developer spotlights! We’re excited to introduce to you Ryan Davis – the creator of Creative Ink Games. Ryan is an HTML5 game developer and much, much more. You can support Creative Ink Games and Ryan by dropping him an encouraging message, sending him a critique of his work, sharing his games with others (including game news blogs/sites), or, if you are a game publisher, contact him to commission work or license his games!

And without further ado…

GameMix: Hi Ryan, when did you first become interested in game development?

Ryan: I first started making games when I was 11 or 12 years old. I stumbled across RPG Toolkit, which I found by chance on some form of dial-up Internet. I never made a full game, but the seed was definitely planted in my imagination. About a year later my dad found GameMaker and handed me a CD with the installation file and some free sprites. That’s really all I needed.

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The Js13kGames HTML5 Game Competition is Officially Over


The Js13kGames HTML5 game competition ended today – Friday the 13th! Congratulations to all of the participants, and a big thank you to everyone that helped make this awesome event such a great success this year. If you participated in this year’s competition, you get a free Js13kGames t-shirt. You can check it out above. It looks great!

Last year, Andrzej Mazur from Enclave Games launched the first Js13kGames competition, and it was a huge success. There were a total 61 HTML5 games submitted to the competition in 2012. This year there were 70 HTML5 game entriesWe can’t wait to hear what the judges have to say.

Now that it’s the weekend, hopefully you will have some time to check out some of the game entries. Keep in mind that they were made in 13 kilobytes or less. That’s a small amount to work with… very impressive! Again, congratulations to everybody that participated, and thanks for making this such a fun HTML5 game competition.

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The GameMix Team Grows


New to the team

On the far left is Rémi Vansteelandt; in the center is Brian Tippy; and on the far right is Angela Chen.

About Rémi Vansteelandt

Rémi Vansteelandt is a rockstar HTML5 game developer who is using the knowledge he’s gained creating games to help our technical team for the next 6 months. Rémi is from France, where he studies computer engineering at the UTC, in Compiègne. He has been programming for many years, but in the past two years he’s enjoyed making HTML5 games for fun. His favourite games are Counter-strike and Hotline Miami, but he also loves basketball and playing foosball (“baby-foot”) in the Idealab game room.  We’re extremely excited to have Rémi join us all the way from France, and we can’t wait to share his developments with you over the next 6 months! You can check out his portfolio of games here.

About Brian Tippy

Brian comes to us with a biz dev & tech advertising background, having worked only with startups since college. He’s pounded pavement with companies ranging from independent record labels to mobile ad networks, along with organizing the first-ever Startup Weekend in suburban Santa Clarita.

In addition to being a part of the GameMix family, Brian also steers the course for AlterNav – a landing page builder for artists. He enjoys West Coast IPA’s, ranting about underrated music, and writing jokes for no apparent reason.

About Angela Chen

Angela is an amazing illustrator who has been drawing for as long as she can remember. She is a graduate from the Art Center College of Design, and her favorite games are Katamari and L4D2. She has also been waiting for the Last Guardian to come out for the past six years. She has a strange affinity for water and she loves paddleboarding. We look forward to sharing her creations with you as we continue our efforts with HTML5 games promotion.

Stay tuned for future updates from the team!



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Js13kGames HTML5 Game Competition


It’s been about 13 days since Andrzej Mazur from Enclave Games kicked off this year’s Js13kGames competition. The competition started at 13:00 CEST, 13th August 2013 and will end at 13:00 CEST, 13th September 2013 (i.e., Friday the 13th). The theme for this year’s competition is… bad luck.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, Js13kGames is a JavaScript coding competition for HTML5 game developers. It’s the second year the competition has been held, and this year GameMix is a sponsor! We can’t wait to see what games are created with just 13 kilobytes.

You can find more information about the competition, including rules and prizes, at

Check out some of the amazing games created last year at

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Casual Connect USA 2013 San Francisco


Casual Connect 2013 in San Francisco was amazing!  We had a blast connecting with some awesome HTML5 games developers, and the informational talks were outstanding. Oh, and let’s not forget about the incredibly fun parties hosted by some of the Casual Connect sponsors. Cheers!

Thanks to the @CasualConnect twitter feed, you can check out some of the lectures right from your computer:

  • [Video] What are some ways to acquire new gamers to your mobile games? Red Hot Labs Amitt Mahajan gives his… 
Once again, we’d like to thank everyone who participated in making the Casual Connect USA event in San Francisco such memorable experience!
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GameMix Cross-Promotion

For developers, GameMix offers a free cross-promotion network built for discovering HTML5 games and bringing quality users into their creations. In other words, the traffic you send to other games will bring new, quality traffic into yours – all automated via a small snippet placed into your HTML. We work with developers to effectively drive more traffic while maintaining a positive user experience within their games.

The above explainer video for the GameMix cross-promotion network was created by the fine folks at Flea Circus Creative. Words cannot describe how great of an experience it was working with the Flea Circus Creative team. They are an extremely experienced group, and they made the entire process of creating our  explainer video (seemingly) very easy.

Flea Circus Creative builds visual narratives that explain your business, product or service. If that’s something your considering, we recommend that you head over to their site and learn more:

If you’re an HTML5 game developer looking to monetize and grow your games, learn more about how GameMix can help you at


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Meet GameMix


About the team

We’re a small team of coders and promoters that formerly worked together at UberMedia – an Idealab company that focuses on mobile advertising and applications. Recently, we joined together and formed GameMix. We’re still at Idealab, but now we’re developing a new type of gaming experience using HTML5 technology. Frustrated with the traditional app store experience of unsuccessful searches and annoying downloads, we decided to build a platform that makes it possible for you to play the games you want, when you want to play them. No app stores. No downloads. Just instant gaming tailored to your interests. It’s like Pandora for games.

About the company

GameMix is a discovery and cross-promotion network for cross-platform (HTML5) games. GameMix is an Idealab-backed company based in Pasadena, California and was founded in June 2013 by Brian Paguyo, Andrew Cheek, and Ivar Chan.

GameMix helps HTML5 game developers grow and monetize their games via the GameMix cross-promotion network for free. By adding a single line of code to their game, HTML5 game developers can cross-promote their game on the GameMix network of quality HTML5 games and mobile gamers. If you’re an HTML5 game developer, we’d love to help you promote your game. Just head on over to to get started!

For game players, GameMix is the one-stop spot for free instant gaming on smartphones and tablets. GameMix offers users a “Pandora for games” experience where they can play, rate, save, and share games right in the browser. If you like to play games, then we’d love for you to give our latest product a try at

Let us know what you think, and stay tuned for future updates!


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