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The Past Week In Mobile And Gaming – Week of 9/30/13

This past week we saw some very exciting news in the mobile and gaming space. From HTC looking to bring Windows Phone to its line of Android devices to an industry look at how wearable tech can win over gamers, it was an eventful week and we look forward to recapping it with you today!


More than a quarter of UK kids aged 12 to 15 have their own tablets. One of the major benefits of HTML5 game development is that you’re not restricted to one single platform. Yes, you can develop games that only work on desktop, but in doing so you’re not taking full advantage of developing games in HTML5. UK telecoms regulator Ofcom has released a report showing that tablet usage and ownership among children is growing. What does this mean for you if you’re an HTML5 game developer? It means you might want to start looking into one of the major benefits of developing in HTML5 – it actually works on mobile devices. (Read more.)

HTC-Windows-Phone-8S-Yellow-640x491Did you know that Microsoft is talking to HTC  about adding Windows OS to HTC’s Android-based smartphones? If the speculation is true, and this deal would be at little or no cost, then it would seem to further indicate Microsoft’s struggle to gain ground in the mobile market. (Read more.) Does that mean you should not develop games for Windows mobile devices? No. However, it might impact how you prioritize your development resources. Interestingly, the CEO of gaming company QONQR attributes much of his game’s success in the Windows store over iOS to device support and overall visibility. “Windows Phone can generate twice as much revenue for developers as iOS – and ten times the downloads”. (Read more.)


If you’re a mobile developer, maybe you should consider being more “mobile”. At least that’s what Stephen Morris, the technical director at Greenfly Studios, said this past week. According to Stephen, “It’s all too easy to forget that, while focusing on making your game a success, life is happening outside of the four walls surrounding your office. Ironically, the portable nature of mobile games doesn’t always extend to the developer who is chained to a desk.” (Read more.)


Have you heard about Pocket Gamer Big Indie Pitch? This is a completely free event and it will be held in conjunction with AppsWorld London on 23 October 23 from 2pm to 4:30pm. Check it out to have you game seen by as many mobile journalists and taste-makers as possible. (Read more.)

Thanks for tuning in to this week’s recap of the past week in mobile and gaming news! Check back next Monday for another update. If you have any suggestions, tips, or feedback, please let us know at

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