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Simple and Secure Integration

Our light-weight API makes integrating your game with GameBar a breeze. Don't just take it from us, sign up and take a look at our API instructions.

Simple and Secure
Better Discoverability

Better Discoverability and Free Marketing

We've developed a behavioral algorithm and extremely unique user interface that makes it easy for users to discover and play your games. GameBar is also 100% FREE for developers, so what's there to lose? We make your games more engaging and discoverable so you can acquire and retain more users. Go ahead, give it a try:

Better Discoverability

Leaderboards and Social Sharing

The GameBar makes for a unique user experience that keeps users coming back. Whether it’s challenging strangers with leaderboards, or sharing screenshots of your games on social networks, GameBar helps you grow and monetize your games.

Leaderboards and Social Sharing

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